Together we are Fokus Photography


We are a husband and wife team who have a lot of fun working together. The style we find ourselves most drawn to is the candid, raw, real-life moments, wanting to tell a story, to evoke an emotion that is relatable.        

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Anni lygas

Taking quality pictures for me got serious once I started a family and wanted to capture the essence of being us. I fell in love with creating authentic portraits and finding the beauty in ordinary moments. My days are full of running around with little boys, finding delicious food and pursuing friendships. This longing for depth and relationships is what draws me to the quick glances people give each other, the dreamy smile you can't resist when holding your little ones, the reaching for another's hand speaking love where words aren't enough. This I love to tell through photography. 


Tyler Lygas

My background is Information Technology, and I love all things technical.  So when I met Anni and picked up her camera and found out how technical it really is, I was hooked.  For me photography is a rewarding challenge, pushing me to pursue the next unique photographic opportunity.  I am always striving how to push the limits of the camera.  Family time is important to me.  We often find ourselves driving out to Banff or crazy long adventures with our kids to take pictures.  Some of my most memorable times are the spontaneous, last minute, hop in the car, lets go adventures.